Imagine walking past someone on the verge of taking their own life and because they saw the message on your shirt they were reminded of the love that covers all. That life saving, redeeming love. 


We at Moments of Joy Apparel would like to take a moment to send love and gratitude to every single person who has purchased during this challenging time.

For weeks now, the entire world is adapting to the new normal. It’s been difficult for us to deal with the changes, and we’re hoping that it’ll be over soon. We are in constant communication with our fulfillment partners about fulfillment and shipping delays. What you should be aware of is that we are currently looking at delays.

Estimates are as follows:
T-shirt’s : 23-28 business days
Hoodies: 23-28 business days

This will not be our normal and I know that it is not what you may be used to. We are grateful for your patience and support and appreciate you coming back to enjoy our brand and products.

Thanks again and most importantly stay safe. Our prayers are with you all

God Bless
Mojapparel Tea


Our apparel will speak for you. One plants, one waters, and God will bring the increase. 

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